Jacksonville Shooting Suspect in Custody

Shooting in Jacksonville Al

July 15, 2019
Jim Evancho

Last night an argument between two people escalated into gunfire leaving one man slightly injured from debris caused by a bullet into his vehicle.

The incident started at the Hi-Tech Gas Station on Pelham Rd when two men, who knew each other from previous interactions, began to argue. It was reported that one of the men made a gesture that he was carrying a firearm but did not display it.

It was later learned by police that the suspect called his wife and told her what had just happened. It was reported that she proceeded to the 500 block of 5th Ave, which was the residence of the man who made the gesture. Another argument ensued between the man and woman. The woman’s husband later arrived at the residence and continued to engage the victim. The suspect, 47 year old Marvin Harden of Jacksonville, is believed to have discharged his firearm into the vehicle that the victim was sitting. The victim sustained minor injuries that were consistent with flying debris that may have been caused by the bullet entering the vehicle. The victim did not sustain any direct gunshot wounds.

Harden later went to the Jacksonville Police Department to file a report regarding the incident. Harden told police that the victim had fired first and Harden was responding to the shots. Chief Wood stated that officers on the scene were unable to find any evidence that the victim had discharged any firearm. Harden was taken into custody by Jacksonville Police and transported to the Calhoun County Jail where he was booked in for a charge of shooting into an occupied vehicle with a bond of $15,000. Harden has a court date on August 1, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

This incident was originally reported to the Jacksonville Journal by Kyle Warmack of Jacksonville. Mr. Warmack advised that The Jacksonville Police Department were in the area of Vann Street with emergency signals in full operation. He went on to say that he  witnessed a lot of people outside attempting to find out what happened.



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