Can Buster Be Saved?

Buster - Available for adoption
Buster and his smiling eyes

June 13, 2019
Lee Fuller

Here at the Jacksonville Journal we try very hard to keep all our articles related to the residents and business owners of Jacksonville; however there are some stories that have to be told regardless of location.  A staff member of the Pike County Animal Shelter in Troy, AL reached out to over fifty rescues and shelters in AL yesterday, June 12, 2019. She wasn’t seeking money or supplies. She was looking for a home.  One home for one dog that has touched her heart. Her story, and Buster’s deserve to be told and heard.

Buster’s Story

Written by Hope “Jiggy” Majors – staff member of Pike Animal Shelter

I am writing you with a heavy burden on my heart for  an approximately one year old bulldog mix male dog that I named Buster. See his time is way past up at the shelter I am employed at. It is only because I begged and pleaded and try so hard that he is still alive.

The old county road I live on, myself and other my family members, caused us to pass by this dog everyday. He was in a small make shift chain link fence right off the front porch of a house. No more than a 2×2 ft area. It was so small for his long legs. He had NO SHELTER from the rain, sun, or cold.  He was just left in that area in his own feces and urine laying, barley see him moving around. Once in a while we would see a skinny-ish something looking across the yard at a person, wagging his tail, hoping for attention… Months went by I hated it and felt for him. I wasn’t employed at the shelter but knew the Director well, ask her to do a check on him. Nothing she could do per city ordinances.

Months went by, my family & I watched in horror. One day, we saw no sign of him. I just knew he died.  I had started working at the shelter during that time, and one day a couple came up, had a “stray” show up at their house.  They stated he was skinny they tried to feed him, but that they couldn’t him. I walked out to the back of a van, opened the back hatch, and there sat a skeleton a dog that was just skin and bones, but he looked like he was smiling. I knew exactly who he was. I was furious as I scooped his frail body up. He was too  weak to stand.  I took him into a safe room. I was happy he was alive. As skinny and weak as he was he wagged his thin tail so hard.  He was so happy for a human response and touch he did not care he was dying.

I named him Buster right then, because he had never had a name. I loved him and promised I would do all I could to improve his life.  He is a good boy and has learned to play and fetch and jump, and be loved. He didn’t care about everything he had been through, he was just happy. 

Since Feb 5, 2019, I’ve gotten him fat, and given him exercise because he was so energetic. He got to go out of shelter with good people for a rent a dog day.  He has gotten to experience happiness and feel life. The sad truth is in the end, we all failed him again. He is still waiting, loving and still trusting a human for a life. Not knowing his life is drawing to an end. 

I have contacted so many rescues, countless ones, asking for help or any info to help me to save this guy. Praying someone will feel the need to reply. 

Buster deserves a chance. I am the only human fighting for him. Every tiny little bone in every part of his skinny skeleton of a body is fighting.  Even when he was near death his spirit kept me working and fighting and asking for any kind of help. 

My current director has only given me very few days. I would like to ask if you or anyone would please  help me keep fighting for him and get him somewhere he can learn and live a life fit for a “GOOD BOY”. He will in return give you so much love and smiles, I promise he will warm any heart he comes across.

Thank you for your time.

Buster is in immediate need of a foster or adoption.  His adoption fee is $50.  Several volunteers are willing to help with transportation if needed. If you can help please contact Pike Animal Shelter at (334) 674-2422.  You can ask for Jiggy or use Buster’s name.  You may also contact the Jacksonville Journal directly if the shelter is not open.  We will be able to contact the staff for after hours information. If you aren’t able to foster or adopt please share Buster’s story. You never know when the right person may become a hero.  

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