Soaring Eagle and Other Recognitions at Jacksonville BOE Meeting

Autumn Doss receiving Soaring Eagles with Marita Watson and Russell WaitsAutumn Doss receiving Soaring Eagles Award with Marita Watson and Russell Waits - Photo Courtesy of Jenny Doss

March 4, 2019
Lee Fuller

The scheduled Board of Education meeting was held on Thursday February 28, 2019. The following information was taken directly from the meeting.

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call – All Present except Gossett
  • Approve Agenda – Unanimously Approved
  • Approve Minutes of 1/24/19 BOE Work Session and Special Called Board Meeting – Unanimously Approved with corrections
    • Item 8B refers to the Semester Exam Policy. It is not a policy and should be changed to Plan
  • Public Comments on Agenda Items – No Comments
  • Recognition’s
    • Presented by Russell Waits
      • Soaring Eagle
        • Autumn Doss 8th grade (pictured)
        • Kayley Sparks 11th grade
      • Student who is Making a Difference Awarded to Baily Pritchett. She started volunteering at the Soup Kitchen in Anniston and then approached Principal Waits about starting a group f volunteers through the high school. This is a new monthly program that is coordinated through the high school.
  • Finance Report – Unanimously Approved
    • Accountability
    • Financial Statement
    • Combined Reconciliation
  • Approve Budget Amendment for JCS FYI 9/30/19 Budget – Unanimously Approved
  • Superintendent’s Report and New Business – Unanimously Approved
    • Recommendation to approve the JCS Calendar for the 2019-2020 school year
    • Recommendation to award Bid # 19-001 Grass and Lawn Care for JCS to D & B Lawn Services
    • Recommendation to declare 3 parcels of land surplus the 4th parcel of land will be brought in next month to declare as surplus
  • Executive Session for discussion regarding a possible real estate transaction – Dismissed to executive session
  • Confirm date and next board meeting
    • Tentatively 3/19/19 6:00 pm at the Public Safety Complex
    • Work Sessions will be at the board office on March 7, 2019 5:00 pm
  • Announcements and Guests
    • Thank you to all that attended the meeting and the community support
    • Great Black History Month Program
  • Board member comments – No comments
  • Adjourn – Unanimously Approved

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