JHS Black History Program Aims to Bridge the Gap

Black History Program at JHS

Black History Month
Written By: Amber Markham, Golden Eagle Media
Photos By: Coley Birchfield, Golden Eagle Media

JHS Black History Programs Aims to Bridge the Gap

Black History Program at JHS

Jacksonville High School wrapped up Black History Month with two special assemblies, one for grades 7-9 and another one for grades 10-12. JHS English teacher, Mrs. Tracey Garrett worked with JHS students to plan the Black History Month and Multicultural program. JHS students Brenna Tinker, Elvis Morales-Gomez, and Dominick Ragland hosted the program. There was dancing, singing, speaking, the presentation of the African-American flag, a fashion show, and even a few joke segments by Morales. Another highlight was a feature performance by the Jacksonville Junior Danceline from Kitty Stone Elementary School. Golden Eagle Media and student Tirra Ellis collaborated to contribute to the program by producing a video tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Steve Simmons also led the JHS choir in a couple of performances.


This year’s program theme was “Bridging the Gap: Bringing Us Together.” The main message was unity and how we are all equal. There were multiple cultural backgrounds represented.

When asked about her favorite part of the program, student Annie Hunt said, “I believe my favorite part was the Hawaiian Dancing. It was creative, interesting, and involved a lot of people I know within it.”

We celebrate Black History month to give recognition to the ones before us who stood up for equality regardless of the sacrifice they had to make. Examples of leaders who took action and didn’t wait for anyone else were Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. If we forget our history who says it wouldn’t repeat itself.

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