Board of Education January Meeting

Golden Eagle

January 26, 2019 
Lee Fuller

Board of Education Meeting

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call – All present except Lassiter
  • Approve Agenda – Unanimously Approved with no changes
  • Approve Minutes of 12/13/18 Board Meeting and Work Session – Unanimously Approved
  • Public Comments on Agenda Items – No Comments
  • Recognitions
    • Principal Waits and new Assistant Principal, Autumn Wilson, presented Soaring Eagles
      • December
        • Jr. High – Leila Dennis
        • Sr. High – Jaliyah Johnson
      • January
        • Jr. High – Andrew Willingham
        • Sr. High – Colton Clough
    • Ethan Bivens wrote an essay and he then read it during the meeting
    • Principal Waits also recognized two of Ethan’s teachers that he noted have made a difference in his life – Mrs. Hall and Coach Smith
    • Coach Smith was named the First Team All County Football coach for Calhoun County
    • January is School Board Appreciation month – Principal Waits presented a short video made by the JHS media students.
    • Madison Watson presented a few gifts.
    • Dr. Peterson recognized Mr. Newell who talked about Law Enforcement Appreciation Month that was last month. Officer Chris Jordon and Corporal Duff Manners were recognized for their service.
    • Mrs. Watson also thanked the Kitty Stone Elementary students for the wonderful cards and artwork.
  • Finance Report – Unanimously Approved
    • Accountability Report
    • Financial Statement
    • Combined Reconciliation
  • Superintendent’s Report and New Business
    • Recommendation to Revise Board Policy 5.10 (vI(B)) – Non-Resident Students – Unanimously Approved Revision to change dates in policy
    • A discussion has been held regarding exemption of semester exams for a pilot program tied to attendance
  • Personnel Recommendations- Unanimously Approved
  • Confirm Date of Next Board Meeting – Date set for January 31, 2019 4:30 pm (at he Central Office) February 28, 2018 at 6:00 pm
  • Announcements and Guests
    • Board members will have lunch and a tour of the high school to see improvements and changes
    • Thank you to all guests
  • Board Member Comments – No comments
  • Adjourn- Unanimously Approved

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