Zoning, Rentals, and Renaming the Police Station – City Council Work Session and Council Meeting

Jacksonville FD working active fire

5pm Work Session

  1. Call to order.
  2. Roll call. – All Present
  3. Zoning Ordinance. – The council continued reviewing all the zone ordinances and language. A few subjects discussed were freestanding ice machines, occupancy changes, parking requirements, and business signage, and short-term rental, tiny houses,
  4. Any Other Business. – No other business

6pm Work Session

  1. Call to order.
  2. Roll call. – All present
  3. Acceptance of minutes. – Minutes accepted
  4. Ordinance regarding Minimum Standards for Residential Rental Units. – The council reviewed the option to repeal the current ordnance and rework it to better align with the building codes and to add specific language that states all business codes must be met. City hall would like to add ordinances and codes online to make better accessible.
  5. Any Other Business.
    1. Interim Chief Kadle discussed funding and plans for a new fire station. Different options were discussed such as the type of structure, landscaping, and location as well as including a multipurpose area available to the community. There is currently a grant for $350, 000 that is available to be applied to the building costs. The grant potentially could be lost if the building is not started.
    2. Wanted to notify the council that a program to be considered is a new timing system. Looking for a city-wide time and attendance program.  Requests have been made for proposals. This is preliminary and proposals will be presented at a later date.

7pm Meeting

  1. Call to order.
  2. Invocation: Reverend Derek Staples First Baptist Church
  3. Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. Roll call. – All present
  5. Adoption of minutes. Adopted 11/19 both work sessions and council meeting – Unanimously Approved
  6. Adoption of agenda. – Additions – Unanimously Approved
    1. Consider action to approve the approval of Marcus Wood as Police Chief for Jacksonville Police Department.
    2. Consider action to repeal ordinance of Minimum Rental Standards amend  an order to enter into an Executive work session to consider the purchase and or lease of real property.
  7. Proclamation. – No proclamations
  8. Public comments concerning agenda items. – No comments
  9. Consider motion to repel the ordnance for Minimum rental standards. – Unanimously Approved
  10. Consideration of Resolution Committing to a 2020 Census Partnership. – Unanimously Approved
  11. 10. Consideration of Resolution Naming the Current Police Station located in the Jacksonville Public Safety Complex, 911 Public Safety Drive, SW, Jacksonville, AL, as the Thomas L. Thompson, Jr. Police Station, effective November 30, 2018.- Unanimously Approved
  12. Consider action to authorize the Mayor, on behalf of the Water Works, Gas and Sewer Board, to sign the Service with Shelton Brown, per the attached. – Unanimously Approved
  13. Consider action to approve rescheduling the May 27 and November 11, 2019 Work Sessions and Council Meetings to May 30 and November 12, 2019, respectively. – Unanimously Approved
  14. Consider Action to approve the hiring of Marcus Wood as Jacksonville Chief of Police effective December 12th. – Unanimously Approved
  15. Purchases over $5,000.00. – Unanimously Approved
  16. Disposition of Surplus Property.- Unanimously Approved
  17. Other Personnel Issues. – Unanimously Approved
  18. Public comments for general items. – No comments
  19. Council Member Remarks. – No remarks
  20. Mayor’s report.
    1. The Christmas Tree Lightening went very well.
    2. The marathon went well, but numbers were slightly down due to the weather.
    3. City hall will be closed 12/24 and 12/25 and 1/1 for the holiday.
    4. Employees are requesting a half-day on Monday.
    5. Jacksonville Parks and Recreation’s Janis Burns receiced an award at their district meetings; The Gene Cornett Merit and Recreation Award.
    6. Congratulations to Chief Woods on the new position with Jacksonville Police Department.
  21. Any Other Business. – No other business
  22. Adjournment. – Adjourned into executive session

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