Current Jacksonville High School Debate Team Remains Undefeated

By: Amber Markham, Golden Eagle Media

The Jacksonville High School debate team remains undefeated for the current school year.  Last month, Elizabeth Green and her group went to JSU where they debated against Ruhama Junior High School in the Northeast Alabama Debate and Public Speaking League.

 The topic was whether the United States should require a period of mandatory military service for young adults. Team one consisted of 7th graders Andrew Willingham and Reese Hines along with 11th grader Braelyn Edwards. They won both the negate and affirm rounds of this debate.

7th graders Andreea Trifas, Marian Berg, and Sophie Bivins made up the second JHS debate team. There were also two rounds for team two, which also won both the negate and affirm rounds.

In the end, the Jacksonville High School team won the overall debate to remain undefeated so far this school year.  Debate is a class and club that competes in teams to improve their formative argumentative skills. Debate helps the students to think critically about both sides of any given topic.

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