BOE Gets Two New Members

Swearing on or board of education council members Sherry Laster and Jennifer Sims

October 8, 2018
Lee Fuller

  1. Swearing in of the New Board Members by Ms. Antonia Rispoli Fanning, City Clerk, City of Jacksonville, AL – New members sworn in were Sherry Laster and Jennifer Sims.
  2. Call to Order
  3. Roll Call – All present
  4. Approve Agenda – Unanimously Approved
  5. Approve Minutes of Sept 11, 2018 Board Meeting and September 25, 2018 Work Session and Board Meeting – Unanimously Approved
  6. Public Comments on Agenda Items – No comments
  7. Finance Report– All reports available at the jcsboe website
    1. Accountability Report – Unanimously Approved
    2. Financial Statement– Unanimously Approved
    3. Combined Bank Reconciliation– Unanimously Approved
  8. Personnel
    1. Recommendation to transfer Melissa Sims from 6.5 to 7.5 hour day CNP worker at Kitty Stone Elementary, 9 month, 182 day, current salary on the JCS Child Nutrition Salary Schedule, effective October 8, 2018. – Unanimously Approved
    2. Recommendation to hire Meredith Rice as CNP worker at Kitty Stone Elementary, 6.5 hour day, 9 month, 182 day, at Step 1 of the JCS Child Nutrition Salary Schedule, effective October 9, 2018– Unanimously Approved
  9. Selection of Board Member Delegate to AASB Annual Convention – Member selected was Ed Canady with Jennifer Sims being an alternate– Unanimously Approved
  10. Confirm Date of Next Board Meeting – Date selected was Thursday 10/25/18 at 6:00 pm at the Safety Complex
  11. Announcements and Guests
    1. Guests: Mrs. Sudduth Chairman of the City Council was present as were family members of the new board members, and Ms. Clark from Kitty Stone Elementary. and
    2. Announcements: No school Monday and In Service on Tuesday
  12. Board Member Comments – No comments
  13. Adjourn – Unanimously Approved

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